The 187th Fighter Wing consists of four main groups (see right panel for more information). The wing also supports several Geographically Separated Units (GSUs), and Alabama Joint Force Headquarters.  


The active-duty Air Force 377th Fighter Squadron is based at Dannelly Field Air National Guard Base as an Active Association Unit. The regular Air Force personnel work side-by-side with 187FW Guard Airmen in a mutually beneficial relationship to share resources, reduce duplications or effort, and ultimately, increase the Air Force's ability to provide combat airpower.

377FS Commander: Lt Col Jason "Prozac" Miller

Operations Group

Commander: Col. Casey Hall
Mission: Provide fully capable F-16 pilots and support personnel to meet any worldwide tasking.

Maintenance Group

Commander: Col. Clayton Thompson

Mission: Provide Quality Airmen, Aircraft, Munitions, and Equipment to Support Any Tasking, Anywhere, Anytime

Medical Group

Commander: Col. Amy Z. Mundell

Mission: To provide combat and disaster qualified medical personnel for support of the military and humanitarian needs of the 187th Fighter Wing, United States Air Force and the State of Alabama.



Mission Support

Commander: Col Paul Griggs

Mission: To organize, train and equip Air National Guard professionals to support the 187th Fighter Wing and Combatant Commanders with engineering, security, contracting, communications, environmental, logistics, personnel and services support.

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