New enlistees in the Alabama Air National Guard receive many benefits. Airmen can receive up to 100% of in-state tuition for their college degree. Many career fields offer enlistment bonuses up to $20,000 (talk to a recruiter to find out which career fields receive a bonus). In addition, Airmen can be paid up to $900 a month while serving part time. To find out more and how you can join our team, contact one of our recruiters listed below.

Recruiting Office Main Line: 334-394-7146

Technical Sergeant Ebony Brown
Lead Production Recruiter
(334) 220-4339

Technical Sergeant Derek Ulrich
Lead Production Recruiter
(334) 221-7571

Technical Sergeant Raymond Freeman III
Support Production Recruiter
(334) 414-2431

Technical Sergeant Vannisha Howard
187th Fighter Wing Recruiting Flight Chief
(334) 233-1163

Master Sergeant Willie Manning
280th Special Operations Communications Squadron (Dothan) Recruiting and Retention NCO
(334) 596-0184

Technical Sergeant David Caton
187th Fighter Wing Retention Office Manager
(334) 604-5711

Senior Master Sergeant James Turley
State Recruiting Production Superintendent
(205) 901-9711



ang Careers

Traditional Guardsman Careers

As a traditional member of the Alabama Air National Guard, you will attend at least two days of unit training per month (drill) and two weeks of annual training per year after completion of basic military training and technical training.  See the right-side panel for enlisted and officer opportunities.

Full-Time Careers

Full-time Active Guard and Reserve (AGR), and dual-status technician (technician) positions may be available for those who qualify.  Click the links below to see full-time opportunities. 


Current Vacancies

Officer Vacancies

Enlisted Vacancies (Most Vacancies to Least)

2W1X1 - Armament

2A3X3 - Flightline Crew Chief

2W0X1 - Munitions

2A6X1 - Propulsion

2A6X6 - Electrical/Environmental

2A6X4 - Fuels

2A3X4 - Avionics (Flightline)

2A6X3 - Egress

3D1X3 - RF Transmissions

2A3X3 - Phase Crew Chief

2A7X3 - Aircraft Structures

3E0X2 - Electrical Power Production

2T3X1 - Vehicle Mechanic

3D0X2 - Cyber Systems Operations

2F0X1 - Fuels Management

2A6X2 - Aerospace Ground Equipment