The 187th Fighter Wing partners with the K’ I MA: W Medical Center

  • Published
  • By 1st Lt Michael Luangkhot
  • 187th Fighter Wing

DANNELLY FIELD, Ala.-- The 187th Fighter Wing partnered with K’ I MA: W Medical Center for Operation Hoopa Health Services, Innovative Readiness Training exercise, August 1–13, 2023.

The wing worked alongside K’ I MA: W Medical Center to provide no-cost health services for one of the largest and most populous Indian reservations in the state of California, the Hoopa Valley Reservation.

The 10-day exercise provided more than 2,200 meals and tended to over 850 patients. The services that were offered during the operation included dental, dietitian, pharmacy, optometry, public health and behavioral health services.

“This type of environment is unlike any other training environment I’ve seen,” said Col Amy Mundell, 187th Fighter Wing’s medical group commander. “It allows our medical personnel an opportunity to work with local community leaders to establish a medical treatment facility and begin operations in a just a few days. It mimics a medical response in the time of a conflict, crisis or disaster. Not only does it provide our personnel training, it provides medical care to residents in rural areas with access to care issues. It’s a win-win for the Air Guard medics and community residents."

Operation HHS offered unit and individual readiness training for the 187th Medical Group, Detachment 1 Chemical, Biological, Radiological, Nuclear and High-Yield Explosive Enhanced Response Force Package, force support squadron and logistics readiness squadron.

 “It was an awesome experience seeing everyone come together to provide these services to the reservation. Whether it is in the state of Alabama or California, we are always ready to assist,” said Senior Master Sgt Carolyn Hargrove, 187th Fighter Wing’s health services superintendent. “With the hands-on experience gained, the results are unmatchable compared to simulations or computer based trainings. The training gave our members valuable practice in order to learn and stay proficient at their tasks.”

The IRT is sponsored by the Office of the Secretary of Defense for Reserve Affairs and designed to enhance mission readiness and build long lasting relationships between the U.S. Department of Defense and U.S. communities