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187th gains new fire truck in time for National Fire Prevention Week

  • Published
  • By Airman First Class Hayden Johnson
  • 187 FW Public Affairs
The 187th Fighter Wing Fire Department at Montgomery Regional Air National Guard Base, Ala. gained a new fire truck, a Pierce Structural Pumper, in September to enhance the unit's capabilities.

"We've had the equipment for the new truck for two years," said Senior Master Sgt. Chris Adams, the 187th Fire Department fire chief. "The base has been trying to get a pumper for several years. Having the pumper is important because it covers all of the structural buildings on the base.

The pumper, or "Engine 9", can carry 50 gallons of foam, used for putting out car and structural fires. It can receive water from the fire hydrants and pump it into buildings with stand pipe systems, which feeds the sprinkler systems. The pumper is also specifically designed with more hoses and can carry Hurst equipment, or "jaws of life".

The new addition came just in time for National Fire Prevention Week, which has been observed annually since 1922 during the week (from Sunday to Saturday) in which Oct. 9 falls. The theme for this year's Fire Prevention Week is "Don't Wait - Check the Date! Replace Smoke Alarms Every 10 Years."

Although the new pumper gives the fire department enhanced capabilities in fighting structural fires, Adams says everyone can help by thinking about fire prevention.

"As far as the workplace, fire prevention helps us out when people keep their area policed," Adams said. "Everybody should know fire extinguisher operation and how to put out a small fire. A lot of things can be prevented with quick response.

"It's also important for your home. You learn it at work and hopefully you'll carry it to your personal home."