Direct or Indirect Mentoring- Force Development

  • Published
  • By Senior Master Sgt David Betts, Human Resource Advisor
  • 187th Fighter Wing
Chief Master Sgt. Lindsey McCall, 187th Fighter Wing Command Chief told me, "I have learned from everyone. I have learned the most from those who desired to share, and I have learned more from those who desired not to share. There were those who gave me jobs to do and retired to their offices to read the paper during UTA. Either way, I have learned..."

Certainly you are mentoring and developing forces whether you want to or not. Some will set goals and engage those they mentor and some may set stumbling blocks and hope you never gain a step.  We can reflect on your engagement or non-engagement. You choose. Do you remember your enlistment oath? I do.

Chief Master Sgt. Sean L. Strong, Air National Guard Recruiting and Retention Career Field Functional Manager said, "Tomorrow's Air Force and Air National Guard are relying on today's leaders to prepare and equip the next generation. If we don't focus on growing leaders today, what do the Air Force and Air National Guard look like five or ten years from now? That is our responsibility..."

Each one of us has a responsibility as well. Take the time to review the Leadership Competencies by following this link: A good performance feedback may depend on it.

MyVector is our mentoring, career planning and knowledge-sharing resource site for connections locally and throughout the Air Force (military or civilian): Your profile and career will populate when you sign into the site, and you can search for names or matching careers.

-SMSgt David Betts

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