Pilot Hiring Board Information

187th Fighter Wing, Alabama National Guard:
Pilot Hiring Board Information

The next UPT hiring board will take place on 1-2 December 2018.
Applications need to be submitted prior to 1 October 2018.
Interview invites will take place in November, with more info to follow.
Please continue to check this page for updates.

Thank you for your interest in the 187th Fighter Wing, Alabama Air National Guard. We seek above average, highly motivated individuals that have the potential to become outstanding officers and pilots.  For those who wish to take on this challenge; follow these instructions:

Application Packages not received by the deadline may not be considered.

Prospective applicants need to meet the following minimum qualifications:
- U.S. Citizen capable of obtaining a Top Secret security clearance
- Not to exceed 28th birthday by December of hiring year.
- Must have a minimum of 90 credit hours, not to exceed one calendar year remaining towards a Bachelor's degree from an Accredited Institution (https://ope.ed.gov/accreditation/)
   -- Minimum GPA 3.0 based on 4.0 scale (187FW Requirement)
- Air Force Officer Qualifying Test (AFOQT) completed. Minimum scores for UPT:
   -- Verbal: 15, Quantitative: 10, Pilot: 25, Navigator: 10
   -- Pilot and Navigator scores combined must equal 50
- TBAS test completed (for more information visit http://access.afpc.af.mil/pcsmdmz/TBASInfo.html).
- Hold current FAA First Class medical (187FW Requirement)
- Private Pilot Certificate NOT required, but highly desired.
- Vision Requirements
   -- Distance vision 20/70 corrected to 20/20.
   -- Near Vision 20/70 corrected to 20/25
   -- Refractive error - no worse than -1.5 to +2.00
   -- Astigmatism - no worse than 1.50 Diopters
   -- Normal color vision and depth perception
   -- Corrective eye surgery MAY be waivered; must have been one year in the past with no complications.
- Height Requirements:
   -- Minimum: 64 inches, Maximum: 77 inches
   -- Sitting height must be between 34 - 40 inches
- Be able to pass the Air Force Fitness Assessment 

Application Packet Procedures:  Send email to Capt. Chris "Ripley" Coenen at 100fs.upt@gmail.com
Electronic packages should be one single PDF document, in the following order. Naming format: rankfirstlast.pdf

1.   Cover Letter, max of one page, introducing yourself and providing any other pertinent information to include a recent photo.
2.   Resume (one page).  Include any varsity sports background from high school, college, or Professional.  
3.   Official AFOQT Scores print out
4.   Official PCSM score print out
5.   Copy of any FAA Flight Certificates
6.   Copy of last page of your logbook showing total flight times
7.   Copy of FAA First Class Medical Certificate (FAA Form 8500)
8.   Completed DD Form 369 for police record check http://www.usarec.army.mil/HQ/reiac/pdf/dd0369.pdf
9.   Cope of Official College Transcripts to include post-grad Transcripts. Certified copy not required.
10.   Official letter from Academic Advisor with projected Bachelor's graduation date, and remaining classes. (Only required if graduation is not complete.)
11.   Any eye surgeries - include a page with detailed information pertaining to that surgery.
12.   Letters of Recommendation (3 max)

**Please include a 1-3 minute video introducing yourself, why you want to be a fighter pilot with the Red Tails, and anything else you feel pertinent to add.**
   -Include this via a YouTube link in your email along with the rest of your application.

If you have any questions please email Capt. Chris ‘Ripley” Coenen at 100fs.upt@gmail.com and leave a good contact number for quickest response. You should also receive a confirmation after submitting your packet within a few days. If not, please query to ensure your packet was received.

Uniform: Service Dress or Business Suit.
Good Luck!