Fighter Aircrew Conditioning Test (FACT)

Throughout your fighter pilot career, you will be required to be in the best physical condition possible to combat the stress and fatigue of flying a high-G aircraft. Because of this, we are looking for applicants that can at least meet the minimum requirements set forth by AETC for all fighter aircrew. However, even though we are requiring you meet the minimums, we hope that you strive for the maximum. Those of you who are invited for interviews will take the FACT test followed by a 1.5-mile run on the day before the interview. The results of your test will then be given to the selection board as part of your package.

The Fighter Aircrew Conditioning Program (FACP) is outlined in

This is a Microsoft Word version of the (FACT Score Sheet-LINK).

Following the FACT, the 1.5-mile run will be administered. The following chart shows the qualifying times that are set forth by the Officer Training Squadron at Maxwell AFB:

Age: 24 - Male: 12:00 - Female: 14:30
Age: 25-29 - Male: 12:30 - Female: 15:00